world stone skimming championships Easdale Island Scotland

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Elvis (and Elvis and Elvis) has left the Puffer Blue Peter presenters 2013 (pic Michelle Burgess) Alan MacFadyen earns his Blue Peter badge passing on tips to presenter Radzi Chinyanganya (pic Michelle Burgess) Gandalf (pic Michelle Burgess) Japanese actor Daisuke Miyagawa gets the lowdown from twice runner-up Paul Crabtree (pic Michelle Burgess) Where's Wally (pic Michelle Burgess) Found the Wallys (pic Michelle Burgess) Registering for the skimming in Easdale Island Community Hall (pic Michelle Burgess) The Puffer Bar can get a bit noisy during the Stoneskimming Little fiddle close up or big fiddle far away? in case you get lost in the Square (pic Lee Jones) Mariachi band spectators 2001 (pic Davie Walker) Easdale Island - what other world championships have such a setting eh? (pic Calum MacAulay - who is very tall as you can see) The Argyll Hills - Dawn and Claire (pic Jess Hill) Event organiser, Donald Melville, interviewed for TV by the Beeb Bertie says "I am the law" (pic Laura McMahon) Strathmore bike winners at the pre-skim auction Grrrr... (pic Victoria Hillman) Mellon reluctantly hands over the bottle of Oban malt raffle prize (pic Victoria Hillman) Stocking up (pic Victoria Hillman) Capn Willie and First Mate, Callum, bring another load of spectators over on the Easdale Ferry. Meanwhile Alan and Tom shoot off to get another boatload. (pic Victoria Hillman) OK, sometimes it rains, but that will not put off Annabel, our Burger Queen