world stone skimming championships Easdale Island Scotland

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Dougie Isaacs (Scotland) World Champion 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2007 and 2005 with Bert Baker and Mellon (pic Holly Wesley) Lucy Wood (England) Ladies Champion 2015, 2013, and 2012 with Bert Baker (pic Holly Wesley) Jess Wolfson and Sheena Robertson joint 2nd place Ladies 2015 (pic Holly Wesley) Joseph Lyle-Walker Junior Boys Champion 2015 (pic Holly Wesley) The Long Rangers - Team Event winners 2015 (pic Holly Wesley) Jamie Melville wins The Bertie 2015 - proud dad looks on (pic Holly Wesley) Dougie Isaacs (Scotland) World Champion 2013 (pic Michelle Burgess) Lucy Wood (England) Ladies Champion 2013 (pic Michelle Burgess) Morven Macfadyen-Donald (Scotland) 10 - 15 Girls Winner 2013 (pic Michelle Burgess) Alfie Packham (Scotland) 10 - 15 Boys Winner 2013 (pic Michelle Burgess) John MacFadyen (Easdale) Junior Boys Winner 2013 (pic Michelle Burgess) The Long Rangers - Team Event winners 2013 (pic Michelle Burgess) Allan Laycock (Easdale) - Bertie winner 2013 (pic Michelle Burgess) Ron Long (Wales) Old Tosser 2013 (pic Michelle Burgess) Alan MacFadyen (Easdale) 10 - 15 Boys Winner 2014 (pic John Hendry) John MacFadyen (Easdale) Junior Boys Winner 2012 (pic John Hendry) Dougie Isaacs (Scotland) World Champion 2011 (pic John Hendry) Ron Long (Wales) Old Tosser 2011 (pic John Hendry) Joanne Giannandrea (Scotland) Ladies Winner 2011 (pic John Hendry) Eleanor Moffatt (England) Junior Girls Winner 2011 (pic John Hendry) Dougie Isaacs (Scotland) World Champion 2010 (pic Victoria Hillman) Manuela Kniebusch (Germany) Ladies Winner 2010 (pic Victoria Hillman) Jamie Melville (Easdale) takes the Bertie 2010 (pic Victoria Hillman) Simon Fraser (Easdale) Junior Boys Winner 2010, 2011 and 2012 (pic Victoria Hillman) Gillian Hunter (Northern Ireland) Ladies Winner 2008 (pic Davie Walker) Cameron Sims (Scotland) Junior Boys Winner 2008 (pic Davie Walker) Carike Barnardo (South Africa) Ladies Winner 2006 and 2007 (on the right) with Katy Ryan (USA) runner up 2006 Tony Kynn (Australia) Winner 2006 Andrew McKinna (Scotland) Winner 2004 Allan Laycock (Easdale) - 10-15 Boys and Bertie winner 2004 Scott Finnie (Scotland) Winner 2000 Ian Shellcock (England) Winner 1998 and 1999