world stone skimming championships Easdale Island Scotland

The World Stone Skimming Championships: SPONSORS

The World Stone Skimming Championships is kindly sponsored by the following companies and organisations who, through their generous contributions, made the event possible.



Alan MacFadyen, Alan MacFadyen Jnr, Alex Macrae, Adele Knox, Allan Hunter, Annabel Gregory, Aonghas Grier, Audrey MacFadyen, Barbara Halliday, Ben Garlick, Beth Noble, Bill Halliday, Billy Robertson, Bruce MacGregor, Caroline De Lane Lea, Claire Hill, David Sutton, Dave Rockley, Davie Coulter, Derek Wilson, Don Gillies, Donald aka Mellon Melville, Donna Rubino, Drew Stephenson, Dughall Macleod, Duncan Sherrard, Duncan Smallman, Eilidh MacFadyen, Emma Bailey, Emma Hunter, Ethan Grier, Eug Thomasson, Fredericca Warnock, Gerry Davies, Ghalia Asaid, Graeme Stevenson, Graham Anderson, Graham Percival, Gus Wallace, Iain McDougall, Innes MacQueen, Irene MacGregor, Jackie Coulter, Jake Allerdyce, Jan Fraser, Janice McCrossan, Jamie Melville, Jess Hill, Jill Hunter, Joe Smith, Joe MacVicar, John Forteith, John MacFadyen, Kate Bogie, Keren Cafferty, Kern Grier, Lesley Hinde, Lindsay Ferguson, Lorn MacKenzie, Lynn Noble, Maggie Young, Marion Gallon, Marion Percival, Michelle Burgess, Michelle MacFadyen, Mike Cafferty, Mike Govan, Mike McCrossan, Morven MacFadyen-Donald, Nicola Reeves, Neil Fraser, Paul Crabtree, Penny Colter, Raema Stevenson, Robyn MacGregor, Rowan MacGregor, Rory Hunter, Ruby MacFadyen-Donald, Ruth Barratt, Sarah Lavender, Sheena Robertson, Sheila Quillin, Simon Green, Simon Thomasson, Steve aka Wee Brown, Ted Creek, Tony Hill, Tom Tinney, Voirrey Quillin.

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If you would like to sponsor or contribute to next year's event in any way please contact us. Your help will be gratefully received.